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The Chef Behind The Rise

Chef Rock / @ChefRock516


Chef Rock516 is First and Foremost a child of The King, who loves Jesus. He is a certified Chef and owner of Flora's Favored Flavors, also known as 3F Caterers. Always the music enthusiasts, Chef Rock516 grew up in an environment full of music ranging from soul, blues, gospel, rock, country, and of course Hip Hop. A native of Long Island, Nassau County, he was no stranger to the gravitational pull of some of hip hop's elite from the ‘80s and of course The Golden Era of the ‘90s. Growing up listening to Public Enemy, EPMD, Rakim, DE LA SOUL, Big Daddy Kane, Black Sheep, Kwame, Leaders Of The New School, a Tribe Called Quest, Das EFX, Big, Pac, Ghetto Boys, Digital Underground, Outkast, Goodie Mob, Wu-Tang Clan, Red and Meth, Fabolous and even some homegrown talent! The list goes on!


It was inevitable that he would go on to pursue music on his own. At one point he was co-founder and member of 40 Below Productions, an indy label that was started with a cousin. When discussing his top ten emcees he always names his brother Knolo Desporado and his best friend Joe B.O.S.S among the higher ranking artist that has influenced and continue to be influential in his love of the music and culture of hip hop. Some years ago when B.O.S.S use to be a DJ on Hofstra University radio, Chef Rock516 and another friend would hang out and "co-host" the show with him.

Chef Rock.jpeg

After being a fan and supporter of the Rise Up Worldwide podcast since its inception, Chef Rock has had the opportunity to witness the growth. Through the cast changes and hiatus it still was a weekly highlight. Little did he know that one day he would be a part of a ministry that pours into a variety of people in many different ways. He considers it a BLESSING to assist in carrying the vision and carry the message of Christ's Love, Mercy, and Grace to the people. 

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