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The Man Behind The Rise

Joe Boss / @JoeBOSSRadio


Joseph "JOE BOSS" Scott had an interest in radio from a young age. Growing up in the small city of Beckley WV, Hip-hop music and RnB were two genres rarely heard on the radio. In junior high, JOE BOSS visited New York and heard Hot97 for the first time. 

He immediately fell in love with the fact that he could hear his favorite music and listen to hilarious personalities and celebrities during these shows. In high school, he had the opportunity to volunteer with the NAACP youth group. They opened the door for JOE BOSS and friends to host a radio show for 2 hours, and it changed

his life.

Fast forward into his adult years and JOE BOSS has had the opportunity to work with WRHU Hofstra University, WGBB 1240AM in Long Island NY, and in Brooklyn NY. Then in 2008, JOE BOSS decided to start his own media company. "Official Media" was born, and out of it, Official BOSS Radio began. It was syndicated on 6 Internet stations across the country. In 2011, JOE BOSS decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in marketing, and thus closing down Official Media.


In January 2016, Rise Up Worldwide was born with a much better purpose and plan than previous endeavors. RiseUpWorldwide will start with Live Radio shows and JOE BOSS's music, eventually expanding into all forms of media.

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