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Randy Bazile / @urbancreatorbx


I was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. I have a passion for art in the form of graphic design, sketching, and music. I believe that art is a very creative form of expression to any individual.


At the age of 7, I grew in love with video games and drawing. It was a gateway to escaping reality. It was my therapy when I was struggling with life. My uncle inspired me to be a graphic designer.  Motivated by his push, I went on the school years pursuing graphic design and arts. I drew sketches religiously, played video games religiously and engaged

in art events.


Going on to Hebert H. Lehman High School in 2005, I took up classes in the field of graphic design, web design, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash. Throughout the years, I gained knowledge and hands-on experience with the programs required for my skill set as a designer. 


After graduating from high school with my diploma and honor of salutatorian in 2009, I went on to Manhattanville College to pursue my Bachelor's Degree in Visual Art & Design. My journey was short lived unfortunately due to financial struggle. A year later, I restarted my education over again at the College of Westchester.


In 2011, I applied for the Digital Media program. Taking up classes in Graphic Design and Game Design, my motivation has re-ignited as I received more knowledge of the programs and professionalism behind. 

After a while, I treated graphic design as a hobby instead of a career; for my career focus has shifted. It wasn't until June of 2014 I decided to take my skills as a designer serious. I realized the power of visual communication; the ability it has to change the world and enable creativity. That is when "Bazile Designs" was born.


I inspire people to continue using their creative minds within their business to change the world. That is "Bazile Designs."  I remind people every day that their minds are their greatest designs. I love to help people's visions come to life. With the skills I have, I can do that! Why? Because your mind is your greatest design.

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